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Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Written by Shari Loftley

There’s always a first time for everything. Your first steps, your first date, your first love and then there’s the first time that something inside you changes forever and you find yourself in the first moment where you have to throw on your invisible cape, conquer your fears and save the day.

For Ann-Marie Appiah of A.M.A. Experience it was the heroic moment that she took on her first wedding event. Previously, Appiah focused mainly on quick turnaround events and shied away from weddings due to the several months of preparation they took to execute. With only three months to step in and plan, Appiah found herself outside the phone booth, a potential hero making the decision to choose faith over fear and save a wedding that was in need of the passion A.M.A offers. A phone call from a client referral led to the phone call that would change everything. Appiah would put together all the expertise she had been gathering since the A.M.A Experience was just an idea.


While Appiah has always had a passion for planning since a little girl her true gifts were revealed when she took on the task of a friend’s graduation party in 2011. “I was always that friend that got excited to put things together” Annie remarks with a joyful smile. “I enjoy creating thought provoking moments to make memories that will last forever.” The passion projects were fun and garnered many compliments; still it never crossed her mind that her passion projects would become her purpose until her sister’s 21st birthday party a few years later. Simultaneously, while earning a certification in event and meeting management from the University of Georgia, Appiah put those lessons to life by designing her sister’s Chanel themed 21st birthday party held in the heart of New York City. After the feelings of the event that where more in focus than the photos, Appiah decided it was time to truly connect the dots. A.M.A became more than a hobby.


The inspiration for the company has always been to evoke emotions throughout each event. Who are you? What do you like? How do you want your event to feel? A.M.A wants to answer these questions outside of the digital presence people see of you on a day to day basis. Appiah strategizes to exceed your guests’ expectations. “There is something beautiful about having a tangible expression of the event“, states Appiah, “my gift is being able to pull that out of the client and being able to transcend that throughout the decorations and the branding of the event.” The answer to these questions of who you are and what your brand is will be on display for friends, family and colleagues to see at each personally designed event. A.M.A aims to bring life to any brand launch party, corporate event, shower, birthday, anniversary or any event that celebrates life.


Thought was given to every detail of the A.M.A Experience down to the colors of black and white with a touch of gold that exemplifies simplicity with a touch of richness and the vibrancy which is how Appiah believes each event should be.
What sets Appiah apart is that invisible cape. A.M.A plans to take the dream of your event into reality. With A.M.A being so big on relationships, Appiah encourages transparency with each client by wanting to know how they feel throughout the process.


With familial roots in Ghana, Appiah has even gained global influence and according to client Jessica Fields, “Inspiring, electrifying, and gratifying. A.M.A. Experience is in a league of its own.”


When you want an event to go off without a hitch you call an event planner. When you want an event that tells a story, evokes emotion and leaves vivid images in your mind for sweet lasting memories, then you call to get the A.M.A. Experience.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
– Maya Angelou

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